UFL Dispersal Draft

The United Football League is set to commence the initial phase of its player dispersal process on Friday, January 5th. In this process, each team will be granted the liberty to safeguard up to 42 players from its 2023 roster. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to select up to 20 players from the rosters of teams that will not be participating in the 2024 season from their previous league.

Players who are not protected or selected on this day will subsequently be available for all UFL teams to choose from, irrespective of their previous league affiliation. This process will be conducted during a second dispersal draft slated for January 15th.Looking ahead, the UFL has scheduled its training camp to commence on February 24th in Arlington, Texas. Each team will extend invitations to 75 players for the camp, with the final team rosters being capped at 50 players once the season begins.

On game days, each UFL team will be permitted to have 42 active players. An intriguing addition to the game rules is the third quarterback rule, which allows for an inactive quarterback to be included in the game roster.

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