The Turnover: Edmonton Elks Game 11

   On Sunday, August 27th 2023, it felt like there was something in the air in Edmonton, Alberta. When you talked to Edmonton Elks fans, nobody knew if the team would win against the Ottawa REDBLACKS but most of us expected it, mostly due to how the EE have performed for the last two weeks.

   In the latest edition of The Turnover, we will break down the most historical win for the current edition of the Green and Gold football team that plays in Commonwealth Stadium.


  The Green and Gold faithful had brought buzz throughout the city and internet leading up to the big game. With a decent projected attendance and a home win actually in sight for the first time in a month, Game Day in Edmonton truly felt special for once. We didn't feel maybe vibes or even losing vibes, we felt that something special was about to happen. Although the win wasn't a promised event, the hope was very high and you could tell by the amount of Tailgate attendees 3 hours before the game. We served up smoked tenderloin sandwiches that were devoured by the public early on, and even tried some brisket poutine from The Turf District. From there, we said good luck to our fellow fans and proceeded toward the gates of the stadium that was in danger of hosting a 23rd straight loss at home, with Terry Vaughn on hand to watch his name go up on the Wall Of Honour.


   The first quarter opened up with a defensive stand that allowed a slick Ottawa Richie Leone Rouge. It would take almost a full quarter for another score, this time Elks quarterback Tre Ford running the ball into the end zone for a 7-1 lead with the PAT. Ottawa's Lewis Ward would kick a field goal to answer back quickly, but Tre Ford's legs would prove to be quicker with a drive that, with the help of a Shannon Brooks hurdle, resulted in a Dean Faithfull field goal. 10-4 the score with 3:17 in the half. Ottawa quarterback Dustin Crum has been known to pull off the now-famous "Crumback", but his efforts would only result in another single point. With less than 30 seconds left in the half and a touchdown much needed, Ford threw a long 50/50 ball to reciever Geno Lewis who squirmed out of an Ottawa tackle to high-step his way into the endzone. 17-5 going into halftime.

   The Elks would open up the secind half with a very rare sight: an early third quarter touchdown. Ford launched the ball to reciever Gavin Cobb to get the ball down at the 5 yard line. From there, quarterback Taylor Cornelius worked his tall and lanky figure over the line and into the endzone. Ottawa would answer with another field goal and the Elks would answer back with the same. Overall, this third quarter was the best third quarter of the entire season.

   With hope saturating the air and excitement building, the Elks defense began to get sloppy but it wouldn't matter. Ottawa opened and closed the quarter with a touchdown, but not without much noise from the 23000 fans that showed up to witness history. The damage was done by the Elks and the historical streak was finally over. The Edmonton Elks defeated the Ottawa REDBLACKS by a score of 30-20, and in the final minutes of play, the building could not have been more loud. The Elks finally did it at home for the first time since 2019.


1. The team deserved this win. The players, coaches, staff and fans all deserved this. The team has worked night and day for years to make this day happen.

2. Tre Ford and OC Jarious Jackson are a match made in heaven. The offense is scoring season-highs and the team is producing wins.

3. This feeling is pure bliss. This home streak has been extremely hard for all EE supporters including ourselves, so we defintely celebrated the win in a major way.


   What. A. Game. From start to finish, the Edmonton Elks played like a composed football team and because of the win, they are no longer the butt-end of jokes. This team has risen up the power rankings and the Elks are finally giving us positive things to talk about. Much credit to Ottawa, the Elks allowing 2 touchdowns in the 4th was a bit dangerous but the Elks were also playing defend-to-win as they didn't need to score. We cried tears of joy and celebrated in the stands with our fellow fans in Section X. Afterwards, we went to the Tailgate Parking Lot A to just be happy with the fans that have been through every loss with us. It was a very special night that we won't forget for the rest of our lives.


The Edmonton Elks are visiting Calgary to take on the Stampeders in the Labour Day Classic! This rivalry game is also called The Battle Of Alberta, dating back to the early 1900's as a match between Alberta's two biggest football teams. Kickoff is at 5:00 PM Mountain, so don't forget your ABC's on Monday night... Anyone But Calgary!

Tune in to The Elks Call every Wednesday night at 8:30PM Mountain for more Edmonton Elks talk!

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