Has The Era Of Fordmania Begun In Edmonton?

In the game of football, there are very few positions that demand as much skill, athleticism, and leadership as that of a CFL quarterback. Quarterbacks are often considered the backbone of any team, responsible for making split-second decisions, executing precise throws, and leading their teammates to victory. One rising star that has captured the attention of Edmonton Elks fans and football fans alike is none other than Tre Ford.

Since Edmonton Elks head coach Chris Jones and new offensive coordinator Jarious Jackson named Tre Ford as the team’s new starting quarterback on August 4th, all he has done is prove why he won the Hec Crighton Trophy in university. Tre Ford deserved his shot as the team’s QB1, and the statistics from his first two starts of the 2023 season only prove that point.

Here is a breakdown of Tre Ford’s first two starts of the season:

Game 9 - August 10, 2023 vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Tre Ford completed 12 of his 16 passing attempts for a total of 189 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown and 1 interception against the perennial Grey Cup contending Blue Bombers. Ford also rushed for 50 yards and scored 1 rushing touchdown in his first start. It was all for not as the Elks lost at home to the Blue Bombers.

Game 10 - August 17, 2023 vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

This game was perhaps the best game of the season for the Elks. The Elks managed to beat the Tiger-Cats on the road by a score of 24 - 10. Tre Ford completed 13 of his 18 passing attempts for a total of 174 passing yards, 2 touchdown passes and most importantly - ZERO interceptions! He once again had a good game on the ground as well rushing for 60 yards. 

So, in total Ford has completed 25/34 or 74% of his passes in his two starts. Ford has thrown for 363 passing yards for an average of 181.5 passing yards per game. Ford scored 3 passing touchdowns for an average of 1.5 passing touchdowns per game. Ford has rushed for 110 yards for an average of 55 rushing yards per game and 1 rushing touchdown. While Ford’s statistics may not completely blow you away, you can tell from watching the Elks play in his two starts that the offense has significantly improved under Ford’s play and Jarious Jackson’s schemes. 

The future is bright for Tre Ford. As he continues to develop his skills and gain experience at the professional level, there is no doubt that he will leave an indelible mark on the CFL. His drive, rushing abilities, and leadership qualities set him apart from other CFL quarterbacks, and make Ford a player that should have a long career in the CFL. Now Tre Ford and the Elks are tasked with ending the most extended home losing streak in North American professional sports this Sunday. Perhaps the Elks will do something they have yet to do in quite some time - go on a winning streak!

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