Disability: Accessible by Design

You don't know, what you don't know. If you never needed to wonder how to get into a location or out of a bathroom stall, there are questions you don't know to ask. That's why it is so wonderful that the Sherwood Park Crusaders and the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival reached out to someone who lives those questions and answers.

Disability: Accessible by Design is led by Brad Bartko. A person with a disability, he has dedicated himself to teaching people and companies how to give the ability to someone with a disability.

Two weeks after announcing his consulting firm was on board with the hockey club, Brad proudly announced that the Strathcona County Council were also on board for the arena.

"We feel honoured and privileged to be a small part of this amazing project come to life! We took council on a journey with no presentation just real raw emotion as to our business and why it’s absolutely vital that this building is not only built but truly fully accessible & we will deliver on our promise! When we opened our speech with 27% of Canadians are living with a disability or 8million people the room gasped!"

The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival is in Edmonton July 12-14 at Kinsmen Park. Here's some information on them:

The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival has been a showcase for some of the biggest names in comedy across North America. Think of it as a cabaret style outdoor comedy club, celebrating up-and-coming local talent to headliners with massive followings and global comedy specials!

Tickets for July 12 are sold out. Limited tickets remain for the rest of the weekend. A weekend that can now be enjoyed by more people who have to ask themselves every time they leave their house: Will I be able to access the location? Once inside the location, will I be able to access everything?

Thank you Brad. Please keep educating a world that wants to help but doesn't necessarily know how.

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