What The Elks Mean To Edmonton After 75 Years

As we are mere days away from the Edmonton Elks kicking off their 75th anniversary season it is a great time to reflect on what the team means to Edmonton & northern Alberta. The Elks hold considerable importance for the City of Champions, embodying aspects of pride, history, economics, and community.


The Edmonton Elks are a source of immense pride for Edmonton and the province of Alberta. The team's legacy, marked by numerous championships and a storied history, contributes to a strong sense of identity and local pride. The Elks' performances on the field serve as a rallying point for fans across the province, fostering a collective sense of belonging and pride.


The Edmonton Elks have a rich history dating back to their founding in 1949 (as the Edmonton Eskimos). The team has won 14 Grey Cup championships, contributing to a storied legacy that is celebrated by fans and helped establish Edmonton as the City of Champions. This historical significance reinforces the team’s role in not only Edmonton’s sports lore but the CFL’s sports heritage as a whole.


The Edmonton Elks contribute significantly to the local economy of Edmonton. Game days at Commonwealth Stadium attract thousands of fans, boosting revenue for local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and stores. The team's presence also creates jobs and stimulates economic activity related to sports tourism, merchandising, and event hosting. It’s always important to remember this aspect when debating about purchasing tickets or watching from home. Supporting the Elks is like supporting a storied small business.


The Edmonton Elks play a pivotal role in Edmonton’s community and beyond. The team’s activities extend beyond the field, involving extensive community outreach programs, youth football camps, and meet & greets with the team and football legends. These efforts help build a strong bond between the team and all of northern Alberta, promoting positive values and inspiring future generations through their youth camps. In recent years the Elks have hosted these youth camps in Edmonton and have even traveled to small towns in Peace Country. The children learn far more from the Elks than just basic football drills!

This Season:

What does this season have in store for the Elks? The McLeod Bethel-Thompson signing in January has finally given the Elks some stability at QB that they have severely lacked since Mike Reilly left for BC. The Elks also have one of the most entertaining players in the entire CFL in Geno Lewis and he is sure to be on fire this season with M-B-T tossing him the ball. The Elks should be in store for a much improved season and have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs for the first time since 2019. 

"We're fighting on 'til every game is won. The green and gold is bold and when we're done."

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