The Fan Guide To Edmonton Elks Game Day At Home

   Are you a new CFL fan? An Edmonton Elks fan seeing Commonwealth Stadium for the first time? Maybe a fan of a visiting team? Well no matter your status as a person walking up to Commonwealth Stadium on Edmonton Elks Game Day, we have a complete guide for you to enjoy your Game Day experience to your choosing. Commonwealth Stadium has many pre-game activities and areas that fans can enjoy 2 hours before every Elks game. Crazy right? Let's start with transportation:


   2 hours before each Elks home game, your Game Day ticket is good for free transportation to Commonwealth Stadium with Edmonton Transit Service, which includes LRT and buses. There is parking in the area, but be cautious of all bylaw signs as parking directly around the stadium is prohibited on Elks Game Day, with signs that say No Parking During Major Stadium Events. If you're driving, expect a 10 to 15 minute walk from your parking spot. You can also pay for parking via the many businesses in the area that sell parking stalls for the usual price of $20 a spot.


   On the East Side of the Stadium, you'll find Stadium Station with fellow fans hopping off the train, walking towards the stadium. In the past, the Edmonton Elks have had an 18+ Fan Fest including games, a giant TV screen, a live DJ and a bar that sells cheap drinks in the $5-$7 range, all 2 hours before the game on the East Side. Closer to the North Side by Gate 9, you may find many Elks partners with tents and booths. The partner booths have giveaways, contests and prizes as well, so be sure to grab those freebies while they last! For 2023, the Elks are hosting a Family Fun Area at Clarke Stadium with face painting, bouncy castles and more, so be sure to check that out if you're bringing your Herd!


   On the West Side of Commonwealth Stadium, you'll find the biggest party you can ask for on a Football Game Day... The Edmonton Elks Tailgate Party! 2 hours before the game, football fans flock together to cook food and share with anyone that walks through the Tailgate Party. The Elks have expanded the Tailgate this year with another 100 spots in order to create a bigger party. The Tailgate has been growing since it's introduction in 2016 and this year is a massive step forward. You'll find many notable Elks fans and groups, the EE Marching Band, EE Alumni, a mini concert, Sluice Juice, boozy cupcakes and so much more. We're excited to add to the party this year with a spot of our own, so we definitely recommend checking out the Tailgate party before the game. We'll be offering Tailgate Trivia for keychains and stickers, good eats and some other surprises so be sure to visit us in our stall #44! Football fans can expect a much bigger, better Tailgate from the Edmonton Elks this year.


   Getting in to Commonwealth Stadium is relatively easy. The lines can be long but if you have a clear bag within the specs and your tickets ready, the line to get in generally takes no more than 5 minutes. Once you're in, you'll find a Team Store in each of the West and East Concession areas along with many food and drink stalls. Some are alcohol specific, some aren't. Commonwealth offers a wide variety of food and drinks so if you don't see something you like, shop around to find a different concession! An hour before the game, EE Alumni may be signing autographs on the South Side of the Stadium between Sections A and Z so be sure to keep an eye on that area. If you want to watch the teams warm up, we recommend getting to your seats an hour before kickoff. If you're looking to catch the team introductions, you'll want to be in your seat 20 minutes before kickoff.
Once the game starts, you can expect the noises of horns, cheers, chants and any other noise you can imagine at a football game. Your fellow fans generally keep it a respectful experience, with no swearing, fighting or "ear blasting" allowed. Commonwealth Stadium features multiple family friendly sections, security, and warnings to keep fans in check. Accessible seating is available as well for fans that want to attend but aren't able to climb the many sets of stairs.
During the game, you can expect some giveaways, Cheer Team performances and maybe even a visit from Punter or Spike. And we can't forget about the football... you'll definitely see some Edmonton Elks Football!


   Once the Edmonton Elks leave the field  and the fans exit the building, you may be wondering "What's next?" After the game you'll find many school buses waiting outside the North Side of Commonwealth Stadium that will take you to a local bar or pub for free so that you can continue the party elsewhere. While there are some options for food and beverage in the area, the surrounding establishments fill up rather quickly. Jasper Avenue is an LRT stop from Stadium Station, so one of the main strips in Edmonton is never too far away. Expect good eats and drinks on Jasper Avenue... always!

   We thank you for reading our guide to Elks Game Day in Edmonton. Whether you're new, casual or well-seasoned, this guide was made to help all fans get the most out of their Edmonton Elks Game Day. Now how about that Home Win?

 Updated on June 11 2023

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