Edmonton Sports Update: Seeding to Stanley

The premise of the Edmonton Sports Update has always been to talk about sports outside the NHL. Today we will talk about four organizations that have tinkered with their schedules to help allow the city to focus on Lord Stanley (and protect themselves).

Edmonton Riverhawks

The Riverhawks moved their June 8th and their upcoming June 15th games from evening to afternoon. Whilst the Hawks are not formally associated with the NHL Club, one of the owners is Dr. Randy Gregg. If you don't know the connection, Google it and consider yourself that much more of a fan of both teams.

The photograph was taken by Shotgun Sports co-founder Scout Hnatuik from his first ever game last Sunday. "WCL is a fun league. The Riverhawks promote theme days that actually celebrate the theme across the whole game. The kids were the best indicator. Riverhawks had the boys tuned in for 8 innings."

That's an impressive list of gameday promotions and they play baseball too! As of press time, the Club has a 6 win, 5 loss record.

Edmonton Prospects

The Edmonton Prospects have always been a baseball first organization. Off the record chats have acknowledged the conundrum of playing in one suburb knowing that you are leaving for another suburb 45 minutes away.

The return from a 1-year hiatus has been tough. Last Sunday the Club snapped a 7-game losing streak. Reenforcements are on the way as players arrive from their previous college commitments.

The Prospects are scheduled to play the Lethbridge Bulls at Centennial Field #9 in Sherwood Park tonight (Wednesday), Saturday (which they moved to a 1PM start), and on Father's Day. The Prospects use to do Father's Day big. Looking forward to next season and the return of a big stadium, big Prospects Father's Day game.

Edmonton Elks

The Edmonton Elks moved their home opener last Saturday down to 2PM. This Friday the Elks welcome the defending Grey Cup Champion Montreal Alouettes at their regularly scheduled start time of 7PM. Unless of the course we get a repeat of the severe thunderstorm that hit Edmonton on June 11th between approximately 6pm-7pm.

Definitely will be a "Green Day" for whomever wins the trip to Montreal.

Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW)

Real Canadian Wrestling, which multiple times has gone head to head versus WWE premium live events, changed their Saturday start time to enable their fans to get home in time to watch the Stanley Cup game.

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