And Then They Were One…

With all of the rumors and speculation, New Years Eve arrived with a few of the answers, much of which we already suspected. Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia took to Fox NFL Sunday, this afternoon to officially announce publicly the merged league and its name, the United Football League (UFL). They were very delicate with what information was distributed, as Johnson mentioned that home market and operation information will be announce on ESPN College Gameday from the Rose Bowl.

Another subject we were suspecting due to the rumors, is network coverage. The announcement confirmed this with the announcement that the ABC/Disney-owned networks, ABC, ESPN, Fox, and FS1 will be covering the leagues in its entirety. This was not surprising as the FOX-owned USFL was primarily covered by FOX with NBC coming in as a partner, while ESPN and ABC covered the XFL last season. NBC recently announced the end of their partnership with the USFL, which lead to the conclusion of it being covered by the four entities announced this afternoon.

We also learned that the two-time USFL Champion Birmingham Stallions will take on the 2023 XFL Champion, Arlington Renegades on March 30th. They did not announce all markets today, however these are the only two that are currently officially announced teams. Dwayne Johnson mentioned that there will be an announcement made tomorrow on ESPN College Gameday from the Rose Bowl. It is suspected by numerous texts posted by players from both USFL and XFL that the markets will be Birmingham, Stallions, Memphis Showboats, Houston Gamblers, Michigan Panthers, Arlington Renegades, San Antonio Brahmas, DC Defenders, and St. Louis Battlehawks, however this is still not been officially announced by the league.

                Additionally, according to the league website,, the former XFL President and CEO Russ Brandon will take on the same role in the new league. Former USFL President of Football Operations Daryl Johnson will take over football operations in the new league. No other structure changes were announced.

                Overall, it is nice to get some confirmation on the items discussed this afternoon. We look forward to sharing more information on the Stallions Stampede and across all of the Shotgun Sports Network channels as we get more information.

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  1. As a CFL reporter tweeted (paraphrasing), the merger means less teams and more players looking again toward Canada.

    League stability wise, everyone wins

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